within the Valley of Tucson, Orient of Arizona.

Cochise Scottish Rite Club

Members of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,



  1. What do the Scottish Rite caps mean and why are they differnt colors.

    The Scottish Rite caps is the principal badge of a Scottish Rite Mason, just as the white lambskin apron is to a Master Mason while in a blue lodge. There are four main Scottish Rite caps and are as follows:

    Black: The black cap is worn by Master of the Royal Secret (32º Scottish Rite masons.

    Red: The red cap is worn by 32º Scottish Rite masons that have been awarded the rank of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour (K.C.C.H)

    Blue: The blue cap is worn by 50-Year Scottish Rite Masons

    White: The white cap is worn by 33º Scottish Rite Masons that hold the title of Inspector General.

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  1. What are the requirments to join the Scottish Rite?

    To join the Scottish Rite you must:

    1) be a Master Mason in good standing in a regular lodge

    2) complete a petition and include the appropriate fee

    3) attend a “Reunion” where the Scottish Rite Degrees are conferred.

    More information on joining can be found on the Supreme Council's website here:


  2. Do I have to be an Master Mason under the Arizona Grand Lodge in order to apply for the Scottish Rite degrees within the state (Orient) of Arizona?

    No. You can be a Master Mason under any US Jurisdiction and still join the Scottish Rite in the state (Orient) of Arizona.

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